arrow keys to move, up arrow or Z to jump, space or numbers (1-5) to cast spells

press DELETE to respawn to last checkpoint. 

press SHIFT+R to restart the game (WARNING: this will reset all progress!!)

Made for Game Jolt's Glitch Jam 2014 (Make your own Glitch Dungeon!!!)
Full Source Code


Additional Tilesets and Sprites from

Development log


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Absolutely fantastic work! Remarkably executed, too. Seriously, to purposefully make something look glitched out and still clearly illustrate game mechanics is no easy feat. I also just felt it was fun as heck, and I had a good time the whole way through :)

really fun game, after her saying that i should give up my hope i thought it was gonna turn into a horror in seconds lmao.

cool game/ idea. im not sure if i beat it or not though, once i get the 'unidentified item'? or was that a bad end?


When you get the unidentified item, that unlocks a new spell that let's you walk through certain walls! Try to go back to the beginning screen and go up to find the true ending!


oh turns out i missed the coolest part, lol.